About Mister Q

His non-musical parents, who wanted to do good, sent him to the local music school, when he was a primary-school pupil. For a year he was given
guitar lessons - half-hearted and therefore not very successfully. So he parked his guitar frustrated in the attic, hoping for better days.
Those came, when he was 13.
During a boring stay at a health spa, he took an offered guitar and began to start again with practicing. And it worked! Since then he couldn’t
release it and began to teach himself playing guitar.
At the age of 17 his first cover-versions of punk- and rock-songs were uploaded on YouTube. Though recorded with simple “child’s-room technics”, he
got a lot of subscribers soon.
Playing guitar was not enough for him: Soon he started with bass, drums and keyboards, which he also learned to play self-educated. He owns a large
collection of guitars.
Meanwhile pop-songs and own compositions are completing the stock, also collaborations with singers from different other countries.
In 2012 Mister Q began his training to become an IT-specialist in System Integration.
But making music – also for public – remains his favorite passion.